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How do I install Chess Mentor?

Insert the CD and the autorun program will start the installation automatically. If the installation does not automatically start, use Windows Explorer to find your CD drive where the Chess Mentor is located and double-click on the Setup.exe file found in the main folder of the CD.

Will Chess Mentor work with Windows Vista?

Chess Mentor 3 DOES work with Vista! We have created a patch which can be found here that will upgrade your Chess Mentor product to work with Vista. Please click here for more information...

Will Chess Mentor work with Windows 7?

Chess Mentor 3 DOES work with Windows 7! Please click here for easy instructions!

Help me! I can't find the serial number!!?

The serial number is located on the inside of the CD case on the front panel on the BOTTOM LEFT. It is a string of 18 digits that will look something like this:


It is 4 letters, 4 numbers, 1 letter, 4 numbers, 1 letter, and 4 more numbers (usually ending in a ZERO). If you have tried this number and it isn't working, look out for zeros that look like "ohs" and ones that look like "els". If you still can't get it to work, please contact technical support and send us what you think your serial number is and we will email it back to you so you can easily copy/paste it into your registration page.

Where can I learn how to use all of the features in Chess Mentor?

Try using the HELP file located within the Chess Mentor program. That file will answer a lot of questions on ways to maximize your Chess Mentor experience!

What if I receive an error when trying to run Chess Mentor?

Chess Mentor has no known bugs. If you are having a problem please first trying rebooting your computer. If you are still having trouble, please contact technical support.

How do I uninstall Chess Mentor?

If for some reason you need to uninstall Chess Mentor simply use the Add/Remove Programs feature in Windows to remove the program. All files will be immediately deleted and Chess Mentor will be completely removed from your system.

How do I make the explanation text larger?

Right-click on the text box and choose 'Large Font'.

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