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“The only chess program I’ve ever seen which asks all the questions, and has all the answers and explanations. Any player, from novice to expert, finally has the chance to improve by leaps and bounds!” - Walter Browne, Six-time U.S. Champion

“I was amazed when I first saw Chess Mentor! It is the ultimate chess teaching tool. I can now provide instruction in ways that I only dreamed of being able to do with chess books.” - Jeremy Silman, International Master and Renowned Chess Author

“Chess Mentor is simply the best chess instruction software that I’ve ever seen. They hire talented, proven teachers, such as Jeremy Silman, and they utilize the computer to assist in the instruction in remarkable ways.” - James Eade, Author of “Chess for Dummies”

“Chess Mentor brings top flight chess to life for players of all strengths.” - Nick de Firmian, International Grandmaster and Two Time U.S. Champion


“Chess Mentor seems to be the premier teaching program on the market today. I am sure that your strength will go up if you follow the program and put in the necessary time.” - International Master Larry Kaufman, in Computer Chess Reports

Chess Mentor coaches beginners to masters by giving hints and feedback, and the entire program is straightforward and well documented.” - George Koltanowski, Grand Master, World Blindfold Champion, and Dean of Chess Columnists

“Chess Mentor opens up a new era of learning for the aspiring player.” - International Master John Donaldson, Renowned Chess Author, and U.S. Olympiad Captain

“Today's market is overflowing with computer programs that can play chess, but it is not at all clear that your play will benefit from them. The American program Chess Mentor therefore meets an important need, because it supplies you with a teacher instead of an opponent. This new learning tool is both entertaining and educational. With many different levels of difficulty, it should suit everyone from novice to master level.” - International Grandmaster Einar Gausel, Norway

“Using Chess Mentor is like training with a Master who dispenses hints, advice, and chess wisdom as you work through a series of interactive exercises.” - International Master and Former U.S. Champion John Grefe

“There are four teaching chess computer programs on the market, and Chess Mentor is the best.” - Computer Chess Reports


Chess Mentor is the best learning tool we've seen to actually help a chess player improve their play.” - Computer Games Strategy Plus

“Chess Mentor: Perfectly pitched crystal-clear tutoring for beginner to expert players.” - PC Computing

“This is not game software - instead, Chess Mentor is a smart, friendly tutor that customizes its lesson plan for you. Whether you’re a first-timer or reaching for grandmaster status, this program teaches you the right moves. An across the board success in chess.” - HomePC Magazine

“There is no program I would recommend more wholeheartedly then Chess Mentor.” - Dr. Enrique Irazoqui, Chief Editor of Computer Chess Reports

“You will find it very easy to get wrapped up in Chess Mentor.” - Dylan McClain, New York Times

“I stress that the whole program is great fun. Imagine having a master player by your side whenever you call him. His play remains consistently excellent, he never tires, never grumbles and is always willing to teach and to repeat his exhortations until we have truly understood. I have one very serious complaint about Chess Mentor for which I see no solution... It is addictive. With learning comes increased enjoyment and the learning process here is truly enjoyable.” - Cyril Josephs, in Chess Monthly ( U.K.)


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“I bought Chess Mentor about a month ago. This program is fantastic. I am an intermediate player and have thought about trying to hire a teacher to give me private lessons, but Chess Mentor is like having my own instructor.” - D. P., Texas

“I wish to congratulate you and your staff on a brilliantly innovated and executed achievement in your Chess Mentor program. It has given me more hours of pleasure and intellectual stimulation than any other computer program I’ve used and certainly more valuable than any of the chess books I’ve bought through the years (I admit, hoping for osmosis) in the previously vain hope of improving my game. Your program is doing it and at a bargain price.” - Julius, M.D., P.C.

“One of my 8 year olds was playing at the local library’s chess club when she got rotated to a 12 or 13 year old boy. The kid was rolling up his sleeves, tasting an easy victory, when one of his buddies walked by, slowed down and said, “You are dead meat, you know?” “WHAT?” the kid says, “I’m playing a second grade GIRL!!” “Yeah, I know,” the other kid shoots back. “You just don’t know WHICH second grade girl you’re playing.” He lost. Chess Mentor is her “most awesome” computer game. Nice work, people! Oh, yes, and my game has improved to the point where I’ve been drafted as assistant chess coach. Is this good or bad?” - T. T., Consultant, Pennsylvania

“I was exploring Chess Mentor while my three kids (ages 12, 9, and 6) were watching me. They were fascinated by it and immediately took over the computer. They wanted to solve the challenges by themselves, and they were able to do the beginning challenges with little assistance. Although I have just started out in chess myself, the one thing I have learned is that chess learning usually is hard, tedious work. Visualizing moves from books is slow and tiresome, particularly from trying to set up the board to follow the moves (that’s assuming the annotations are correct). Chess Mentor’s interactive feature of letting the student try alternative moves to see which ones work and don’t work, with explanations is a wonder. Learning is seeing, and seeing on Chess Mentor, you can’t miss. It really helps the chess student “get it” instantly, and my kids, with their short attention spans, were getting it. It’s a great teaching device.” - Robert, 42, Attorney, California


“After using the initial release of Chess Mentor, I took my ICS/FTCS rating from 1400’s to over 1800!” William, 35, Professor, South Carolina

“I enjoy your program immensely. It is a great learning tool for me and my 9 year old son. It is not nearly as dry as a book. This is due to the interactive keys which give hints, and to the chess board being set up right there in front of you. The variety is great, and the varying skill levels ensure that the user doesn’t miss basic strategic concepts when studying higher level problems.” - John, 32, Structural Engineer, California

“I’ve been using Chess Mentor for a year now (the original version I think) and I love it! I’m going through the course a second time and it’s amazing how much more I’m getting out of it this time around! Great instruction! Thanks for a GREAT, GREAT product!” - B. P., Medical Researcher, Santa Monica, California

“Thank you for creating Chess Mentor. I have about 110 chess books, but I just don’t read them. With Chess Mentor I am learning and look forward to it every day!” - S. G., Retired Electrical Engineer, California

“I just want to compliment you on your marvelous software package. I have been struggling to gain experience and skills at playing chess for a month now. I was getting nowhere. Several people were willing to play chess with me -- and promptly beat my socks off. I was getting very discouraged until I came across your demo. Though I did know the basic moves, I started from scratch and picked up some additional tips. The basics are explained very clearly with encouragement thrown in here and there. The novice challenges set up have been very helpful. By the way, I am a 53-year-old female who only played a few games in her pre-teen years. Thanks again for providing aspiring chess players with a clear and concise method in which to improve their game. Before Chess Mentor I had only found software that mowed you down and made you feel totally inadequate. It is a joy to find a product aimed at teaching me to be a better player and not just to show that the computer is faster and smarter than I am.” - M.P., Retired, Colorado

“I wish to congratulate you on a brilliantly innovated and executed achievement in your Chess Mentor program. It has given me more hours of pleasure and intellectual stimulation than any other program I’ve used.” - J. J., Physician, New York

“Chess Mentor is the best application of computer based instruction that I’ve ever seen.” - R. J., Computer Programmer, Florida


“Chess Mentor is a way to study chess and learn from your successes as much as from your mistakes as you go through its challenges because expert commentary not only accompanies the right move, but also the not so right moves one may try. Rather than a ‘raspberry’ if you don’t pick the right move, you get feedback, and usually a hint. Chess Mentor by now has a wealth of challenges, especially on tactical and strategic situations in the middle game -- the type of situations that are not taught easily in other ways. And Chess Mentor is non-linear in the sense that it tests you again on challenges you have trouble with, and not on those you cruise right through. Most importantly, the underlying principles are explained in the commentary, by such superb teachers as IM J. Silman and others. (I like Silman’s approach best). So, you learn principles and how to apply them, rather than memorize moves’ and positions that just clutter your brain (unless you have a photographic memory). When you are through a challenge, it simply makes sense as you look back -- and you look forward to applying what you learned. Don’t be surprised if you win more and lose less. To my knowledge, Chess Mentor is unique. And I found it superbly effective - and fun.” - G.O., Astrophysicist, Maryland

“There are plenty of chess playing programs and database programs, but very few chess teaching programs. I love Chess Mentor and recommend it to all of my chess friends and students. I can think of no other program that has a better quality of lessons.” - S.B., Service Technician, Louisiana

“I wanted to share with you my reaction to Chess Mentor. I am very impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the Chess Mentor instructional materials. I purchased the comprehensive in course in September. After training intensively with the course for only one month, I participated in the Vienna Open chess tournament (category C, for players with ELO<1700). Although my rating was 1588 going into the tournament, I scored 6.5 out of a possible 9 points, winning against opponents rated +1690, and ranked ninth out of 104 participants. I have also scored well in the team matches in which my club participates. My ELO rating should now be over 1700 and I’m shooting to break 1800 in the coming year. Keep up the good work with Chess Mentor and keep the new courses coming.” - J. W., Vienna, Austria

“I find Chess Mentor an invaluable tool for improving my chess game. I have been improving steadily since I first purchased the basic course, and with the deluxe version and regular play, I foresee reaching beyond a 1500 rating for the first time in my life. After being a 1000 to 1100 player for years, this is quite an achievement! Thanks!” - B. T., Industrial Hygienist, Tulsa, Oklahoma


“I just purchased Chess Mentor today, and after spending 2-3 hours had the 2 best games of my life! I have spent numerous hours with ChessMaster 5500, and while it is a solid chess engine, the teaching ability doesn’t come close! Chess Mentor is so much more effective than any books I’ve read also! I can’t wait to make it deeper into the modules.” - M.A., Canadian, Texas

“My rating has increased by nearly 500 points in the last year as a result of using your method. Thank you very much, and keep up the good work.” - G. W., Salt Lake City, Utah

“I believe Chess Mentor is the best software for learning chess on the market! Keep up the good work!” - J. C., Georgia

“Your product is absolutely awesome! It automatically reviews the material that gave you trouble the first time around. I find it hard to stop using it.” - B.M., House wife, North Carolina

“Chess Mentor is great! It is so much easier to learn... The way that Chess Mentor reviews the studies that you didn't do well on is great! Thanks for a great product.” - T. G., Billings, Montana

“I purchased the original version and it is absolutely FABULOUS and I would recommend it to anyone under the GM category. Unlike most books on positions, this program allows you to try a move and if it’s the wrong move it tells you why. If there are two correct moves it will tell you if you choose either. There is the ability to get 3 levels of hints if you are stuck, with each hint giving the ultimate solution away to a greater degree, so that you can add to your knowledge with a little nudge from Chess Mentor. There is a scoring system, which allows you to keep track of your ability and progress. I could go ON and ON and ON. I think its one of the best tools available, and the price is reasonable for what it offers and what it does for your ability. I’ll keep buying the new modules as they become available -- there’s nothing like this product available anywhere else. Most of the books overlap, but this doesn’t.” - D.M., Retired, Pennsylvania


“Chess Mentor’s active approach to learning chess helps me grasp ideas much more quickly than other passive learning programs. It is impossible to find a quality human instructor that one can afford. Chess Mentor functions just as if it were a human instructor, with all the advantages of being a computer program. I am eagerly looking forward to purchasing future modules. Thanks!” - G.B., Washington D.C.

“This is an absolutely FABULOUS program! I love the teaching aspect and the excellent organization and structure of the challenges. This is the first chess program that I have found to be very helpful to me. Thanks for bringing a great idea to fruition.” - D.R., Self Employed, California

“Because your training/coaching program has thus far proven to be so useful to improving my game, I am sure I will be putting in many hours each week using Chess Mentor. The excellent chess commentary is what makes this program worth the time. Congratulations on your clever accomplishments.” - K.S., Attorney, California

“I like the Chess mentor format. It is easy to use without any wasted time at the help button. Right from the get-go I was using the program & enjoying it.” - D. W., Milton, New Hampshire

“Extraordinary achievement - this is clearly a breakthrough in chess instruction.” - W.A., College Instructor, Illinois

“Chess Mentor is an effective and motivating learning tool, and Aficionado’s service is first class.” - Dr. Allan, City University of Hong Kong

“I just ordered the deluxe version and I am very pleased! Nearly every night I spend at least 20 minutes "in class". I am playing in my first major tournament in Atlanta and I expect to do well since I started studying the course. Your product is the best!” - R. S., Georgia

“Thanks for the update on Chess Mentor. You have one of the highest quality learning tools in the chess market today. I have improved significantly since spending time with Chess mentor, and I appreciate your efforts enormously. Keep up the good work!” - D. W., Texas


“This product is the best learning chess software that I have seen so far. I own Chess Assistant, ChessBase, PCBase, Tasc (all modules), and Bookup. The only software program that comes close to Chess Mentor is Tasc. But Tasc’s problem sets are simple two move problems. Unlike Chess Mentor, Tasc does not tell you why the move you made is wrong. I have learned more with this software than with any other that I own. I have bought books such as Combination Challenge, Endgame Challenge, The Art of the Combination, ECO Combination, E.A. First Artistry Series (5 books in all), etc., just to mention a few. To complete the reading of one chapter of any of the books, it will take me about two weeks and I would not assimilate as much as with Chess Mentor (it is not as fun either). Thus, you can see how I appreciate your product.” - Kevin, Electrical Engineer, California

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