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What is Chess Mentor?

Chess Mentor chess coaching software is the most effective computer-based method for learning and mastering the themes, positions, and ideas in chess. Chess Mentor provides the unique opportunity to literally have an extended series of personalized private lessons from internationally acclaimed master teachers. Chess Mentor is designed to be used by players of all levels, from child to adult, from beginner to seasoned expert. Chess Mentor is neither a game nor an opponent; rather it is like learning chess from a private master coach at your side!

What do other chess players think of Chess Mentor?

Tens of thousands of Chess Mentor customers in over 65 countries worldwide have found Chess Mentor to be more fun and more effective than any other form of chess instruction or teaching. Click here to read the Chess Mentor customer reviews!

Can I play a game of chess against Chess Mentor?

You CANNOT play a game against Chess Mentor. Chess Mentor is a completely different concept in computer chess programs. If you were taking lessons from a Grandmaster, playing games against him would undoubtedly yield constant defeat with very minimal instruction. To create a more productive learning experience, the Grandmaster would give you chess positions, or Challenges, to look at, to study, and to SOLVE. As you tried to solve these Challenges the Grandmaster would normally give you hints to help you and feedback on your moves, just as Chess Mentor does. All your moves, both good and bad, receive critical comments to accelerate your learning. Chess Mentor tracks your progress and automatically provides review as you need it. Click here to learn more about Chess Mentor!

Can I try Chess Mentor before I buy?

You can download a demo of Chess Mentor by clicking here! The demo has all the features and functions of the full Chess Mentor product and a small sampling of chess challenges for all levels. The demo is not a course by itself, and its purpose is to give you a small taste of the content of Chess Mentor. The demo has 75 challenges, whereas the Chess Mentor Deluxe has over 2,150 challenges!

Do you have Chess Mentor for the Mac?

Mac users can use Chess Mentor Web version (which is in many ways better than the disc program). You can access Chess Mentor Web version here!

What are the different Chess Mentor products? How are they different?

We offer the following three products: Chess Mentor Scholastic, Chess Mentor Basic, and Chess Mentor Deluxe. All three products provide exceptional chess tutorials from world renowned chess instructors delivered through our patented “Learning Engine” software platform. The products differ, however, in number of challenges and difficulty and complexity of the tutorials. The previous version of Chess Mentor ("Exploring and Appreciating Chess", "Comprehensive", and "for Advanced Players") have been replaced by our current selection.

What happened to the popular “15 Supplementary Chess Courses"?

The 15 supplementary courses were previously available for sale individually and retailed for $24.95 each. Even at $24.95 apiece these courses were a fantastic deal in that they were just like personalized private lessons from internationally acclaimed master authors, players, and teachers such as IM Jeremy Silman, IM John Grefe, IM Eric Tangborn, IM Marc Leski, FM Thomas Wolski, FM Mike Arne, and FM Craig Mar. Now all 15 courses are included standard in the Chess Mentor Deluxe which at the bargain price of $199, represents an unbelievable value. Click here for additional information on Chess Mentor Deluxe. Click here to learn more about Chess Mentor Deluxe!

I have Chess Mentor version 1 or version 2. How can I upgrade?

If you already own a Chess Mentor product and would like to upgrade, we offer upgrades only for those who will be buying the Chess Mentor Deluxe edition. Please click here for the upgrade form.

I already own Chess Mentor 3. How can I get more challenges?

If you own a Chess Mentor product already and would like more challenges, you can upgrade to Chess Mentor Deluxe edition which contains all of the Chess Mentor challenges ever created! Click here for more information on upgrading to Chess Mentor Deluxe!

What are the system requirements for Chess Mentor?

Chess Mentor requires Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, or Win7. You must also have 256MB of memory and 50MB of free hard-disk space.

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