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Chess Mentor chess coaching software is the most effective computer-based method for learning and mastering the themes, positions, and ideas in chess.

The Chess Mentor Demo has all of the features of the full Chess Mentor product, but only has a sampling of 75 challenges. In comparison, Chess Mentor Deluxe edition has more than 2150 challenges!

Follow these directions to download the Chess Mentor demo:

        Download the Chess Mentor Demo!
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Requires Win XP, Vista, 2000, 98
9.43 MB

  1. Click on the download button above.
  2. Choose to "Open".
  3. Double-click the ChessMentorDemo.exe file.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to install.

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Chess Mentor - WEB VERSION!
  • totally new and improved graphics and interface
  • tracks your progress over time with stats and real chess ratings
  • immediate access to ALL new content - no need to buy new modules
  • train from any computer with an internet connection


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Chess Mentor provides the unique opportunity to literally have an extended series of personalized private lessons from internationally acclaimed master teachers. Chess Mentor is designed to be used by players of all levels, from child to adult, from beginner to seasoned expert. Chess Mentor is neither a game nor an opponent; rather it is like learning chess from a private master coach at your side!

Praise for Chess Mentor:

“There is no program I would recommend more wholeheartedly then Chess Mentor.” – Dr. Enrique Irazoqui, Chief Editor of Computer Chess Reports

“This is not game software – instead, Chess Mentor is a smart, friendly tutor that customizes its lesson plan for you. Whether you’re a first-timer or reaching for grandmaster status, this program teaches you the right moves. An across the board success in chess.” – HomePC Magazine

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