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"I love Chess Mentor! I've honed my game more effectively and enjoyably in a few hours with Chess Mentor than with a small library of chess books... Chess Mentor is the most effective way to learn and improve the game." - S.B. New Hampshire

We offer three editions of Chess Mentor Legacy Editions (via download): Basic, Comprehensive and Deluxe. The products differ from each other only in the number of challenges, and the difficulty and complexity of the lessons. Click here to see all Chess Mentor lessons and challenges! We also have a web-based version that includes many upgrades including an improved interface, new lessons, and a rating!

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Chess Mentor - WEB VERSION!
  • totally new and improved graphics and interface
  • tracks your progress over time with stats and real chess ratings
  • immediate access to ALL new content - no need to buy new modules
  • train from any computer with an internet connection


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What Makes Chess Mentor Unique

While other chess programs give you problems and answers, Chess Mentor allows you to understand the tactical and strategic themes and positions more deeply as you access different levels of hints before you see the solution. And, more important than seeing the right answer, see why you may have chosen the wrong answer. Chess Mentor gives you feedback on every possible move on the chess board!

Chess Mentor content is written by chess professionals and chess teachers such as IM Jeremy Silman, IM John Grefe, IM Eric Tangborn, IM Marc Leski, FM Thomas Wolski, FM Mike Arne, and FM Craig Mar.

When you study with Chess Mentor's unique responsive learning engine it is just like studying with a real chess coach. The lessons are customized for your needs and your progress is tracked to show you how you are improving. Studying with Chess Mentor is much more effective than studying with just chess books or other chess software!

“Chess Mentor: Perfectly pitched crystal-clear tutoring for beginner to expert players.” - PC Computing

Key Features

  • Unique chess challenges by professional coaches like IM Jeremy Silman
  • Customized amount of help and lets you ask for different levels of hints
  • Highlights themes, important squares, and key pieces in the position
  • Gives feedback on all of your available moves, not just the correct move
  • Allows multiple profiles for different players to receive customized lessons
  • Measures progress and scores on individual problems and overall progress
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